We all have Stories ...

Stories that bind us and tell the tale of our experiences.

Whisky has always been part of my life, since I was a boy, sitting on the knee of my maternal grandfather.  He was a miner and his treat at the end of a hard day was a dram of whisky.  I was always fascinated by the golden liquid he held in his rough hands and slowly sipped, his bantam chickens at his feet.

I love whisky. I love the tradition and the craftsmanship, mostly I love the way whisky brings people together. There's always a point in the night when the pace slows down and the conversations get deep and meaningful. 

When I was eight years-old, I went with my family from Clydebank in Scotland to London. We made the journey in a horse-drawn wagon.  On those nights, the small hours came to life with the sound of stories being told over a dram.  A great dram brings out a tale or twenty.

It's always been a dream of mine to create my own whisky. The kind of whisky that is delicate, complex and with a warmth that grows on you.  I always believed it would be just a dream until during filming and production of the film Outlaw King, a film about the King of Scotland Robert the Bruce. I became aware of Annandale Distillery, steeped in history and located in the heart of Bruce's land.

Upon visiting I was intrigued by their use of twin copper stills which add real depth and character to the whisky they produce, even from a young age. 

Together we have created STORYMAN - We all have stories to tell.